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The Ajax Layered Navigation also allows to display filters in a block above the products list, this is useful for one-column layouts of for catalogs where the left column block is used for a different purpose.

The extension also allows to show some filters expanded or collapsed by default, which means the site admin can choose the filters that are more relevant for the search expanded by default.

Features enabled in this demo:

  • Price Slider with touch screen support
  • Muliple sliders, for price/numeric attributes and for attributes of type dropdown
  • Group filters: display related filters in the same dropdown box or the same collapsible tab
  • Multiple selection of filters, site visitors can select more than one value of the same filter.
  • Displays filter options as checkboxes.
  • Expand/Collapse filter blocks: you can leave the filters that are more relevant to customers expanded by default.
  • Horizontal filters block, select the filters that should appear above the products grid as dropdown lists.
  • Tooltips to display next to the filter title.
  • Scrolls to top after Ajax reload

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  1. Mona Pullover Hoodlie
    Mona Pullover Hoodlie
    As low as $57.00
  2. Hera Pullover Hoodie
    Hera Pullover Hoodie
    As low as $48.00
  3. Autumn Pullie
    Autumn Pullie
    As low as $57.00
  4. Miko Pullover Hoodie
    Miko Pullover Hoodie
    As low as $69.00
  5. Selene Yoga Hoodie
    Selene Yoga Hoodie
    As low as $42.00
  6. Daphne Full-Zip Hoodie
    Daphne Full-Zip Hoodie
    As low as $59.00
  7. Phoebe Zipper Sweatshirt
    Phoebe Zipper Sweatshirt
    As low as $59.00
  8. Cassia Funnel Sweatshirt
    Cassia Funnel Sweatshirt
    As low as $48.00
  9. Ariel Roll Sleeve Sweatshirt
    Ariel Roll Sleeve Sweatshirt
    As low as $39.00
  10. Helena Hooded Fleece
    Helena Hooded Fleece
    As low as $55.00
  11. Eos V-Neck Hoodie
    Eos V-Neck Hoodie
    As low as $54.00
  12. Circe Hooded Ice Fleece
    Circe Hooded Ice Fleece
    As low as $68.00
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Items 1-12 of 75

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